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San Francisco Construction Defect Attorney

Historically, real property has traditionally been the most valuable asset that a person owns in his or her lifetime. From the beginning of time, special rules have evolved that apply to the planning, design, construction and improvement of real property.

With more than 38 years of experience in civil and construction litigation, Mr. Tagawa has successfully represented businesses, contractors and real estate investors in a wide variety of construction law issues, such as those involving the Contractors State License Board, the Uniform Building Code, various city and municipality codes, habitability issues, mechanic's liens, breach of contract and fraud.

As a homeowner or property owner involved in a dispute with a contractor, you might be concerned that the contractor is not sufficiently funded to pay all of your damages. The contractor's insurance company or bond may be one of your primary sources of reimbursement or payment. Insurance companies, however, have created many exclusions from coverage in their insurance policies, which arguably may allow certain claims to be rejected and unpaid. It is, therefore, important that your lawyer be familiar not only with construction issues but also insurance coverage issues relating to construction defects.

The Law Office of Barry K. Tagawa, has represented clients in a wide variety of construction defect cases, such as:

  • Breach of contract cases – protecting the rights of the customer or the contractor who has entered a construction contract where the other has breached its obligations under the contract
  • Negligence cases –protecting the rights of the customer who has hired a contractor where the contractor failed to use the requisite standard of care in performing his or her work, resulting in the customer suffering injury or harm
  • Fraud or negligent misrepresentation cases – protecting the rights of the customer or the contractor where one party has been induced by intentional and/or negligent false statements to enter into the contract, resulting in economic harm
  • Unfair competition cases – protecting the rights of the customer where the contractor used unlawful, unfair or fraudulent practices, causing the customer to suffer injury or damages
  • Contractors State License Board issues – protecting the rights of the customer or the contractor where one party claims that the other party violated one or more rules or regulations governing licensed contractors

Experienced Bay Area Construction Defect Attorney

The Law Office of Barry K. Tagawa represents clients throughout San Francisco, California, and the Bay Area. For detailed examples of cases previously handled by Mr. Tagawa, visit the notable cases page. Call (415) 516-1844 to arrange a free initial consultation with Barry Tagawa, Esq., an experienced San Francisco construction law attorney.

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